Scen Trustees and Ambassadors

25 April 2016

The Trustees of SCEN have met for the first time and the fruits of our discussions are already emerging. Rosemary Mitchell is proving a tremendous Convener of SCEN Ambassadors and led the team of SCEN Ambassadors at the Language Show Live in Glasgow with great energy and success, accompanied not only by her husband Colin but also by the Giant Panda, which represents Lasswade High School's decade-long China connection. Heartfelt thanks to all who were so welcoming and informative at the SCEN stand and attracted so much interest. The Trustees have decided we shall do the same next year.

Rosemary and the group of SCEN Founder Ambassadors are looking to develop the role of SCEN Ambassadors, including those who belong to the Youth Committee convened by Stuart Main and our superb International Ambassadors. More soon on this crucial topic.