Journey of a Thousand Wings Orchestra

03 August 2014

330 Piece orchestra and award winning bands from Scotland, China, Chile, Ghana & the Balkans

Join us for an extraordinary orchestral journey through African rhythms, Chilean melodies, contemporary Chinese folk and Balkan beats. 

Fusing traditional and modern-day music from different countries, Journey of a Thousand Wings brings a full orchestra together with contemporary bands, composers, singers and artists from Scotland, China, Chile, Ghana, India and the Balkans.  They will all join forces in Edinburgh this August, writing and performing original music and creating a multicultural orchestra unlike any you have heard before!

  • 24th August 7pm @ Liquid Rooms
  • 30th August 12.30pm @ Edinburgh Mela Festival

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Hand-made in China: Moons, Migration and Messages

111th - 24th Aug, Summerhall
Tickets available here.

It is Night of the Moon Festival, a time of transformation, reunion, imagining new worlds and other lives, and this collection of stories, remembered and retold, gives a flavour of the hopes and dreams of ordinary... and extraordinary... Chinese people.

Taking place in a unique Rickshaw Theatre to an audience of just two, Tinderbox Project is collaborating with Hua Dan Theatre Group and the Beijing Community Rickshaw Gallery to create a new show of mythical and modern migration tales for the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Hare and Tortoise: Samba & Street Band Workshop & Parade

21st August @ North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Muirhouse

Join us for a Samba drumming and Street band workshop and Giant Puppet parade for Licketyspit's hit show Hare and Tortoise on 1st August.

All ages and levels of ability welcome!

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Three Dakini are Discussing

24th Aug, 7pm, Liquid Rooms
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We have been working with Chinese musician Song Yuzhe and his band Dawanggang, developing music for a new contemporary Chinese opera.

A magical mix of folklore and contemporary Chinese culture, the story follows people, animals and gods in their travels through the Himalayan valleys.

A small group of Tinderbox members will be performing a selection of pieces from this new opera as part of the Journey of a Thousand Wings concert on 24th Aug.

Come along and experience a totally unique style of music.