The Mission and Aims of the Scotland China Education Network - SCEN

SCEN-Logo-SmallPromoting learning about China in Scottish Schools


The mission of SCEN is to support International Education by raising the understanding of Chinese language and culture in Scottish schools and promoting the understanding of Scottish culture and education in Chinese schools.

  1. Lord-PresentsTo support the work of the Scottish Government, Learning and Teaching Scotland, the Network of Confucius Classroom Hubs and the British Council Scotland and to enable schools to plan and to expand their efforts to involve Scottish pupils in learning about Chinese society, culture and language, in partnership with all institutions in Scotland who are involved in Chinese activities;
  2. To promote educational links between Scottish and Chinese schools by bringing together those involved to support each other and to share good practice;
  3. To work in collaboration with the Scottish Qualifications Authority and other national agencies to develop a suite of qualifications in Chinese language and culture;
  4. To work in collaboration with Higher Education, the General Teaching
    Council Scotland, local authorities and schools in supporting Teachers of
    Chinese in Scottish schools.

Scotland-SCEN-120The SCEN network has over 300 members, representing a wide range of individuals, groups and agencies, spread over Scotland, engaged in promoting links with China and keen to support the China initiative in Scottish schools.

Full details of SCEN's aims and Mission Plan can be found in, and downloaded from, the SCEN Documents Library.