Chinese Business Culture Awareness Bite-Size Workshops

06 April 2021

The workshop is delivered in English and no prior Chinese knowledge is required. The purpose of the workshop is to provide participants with an awareness of China and Chinese business culture with a series of 25 minute bite-size sessions. Participants will see the similarities to their own business culture as well as learning about the differences, how to spot them and manage them appropriately. Each workshop has a theme so participants can learn practical skills that will make business interactions with China more successful. Each business culture workshop has a matched 25 minute bite-size Chinese oral class that focuses on helping participants learn a few practical Chinese expressions which are appropriate in a particular business setting. There are 8 workshops in total from Monday to Thursday between April 12th to 22nd. You can either sign up to an individual workshop that will allow you to attend the corresponding matching oral Chinese class, sign up to more sessions or all eight sessions.

The topics for the workshops include:

1. Business Climate

An introduction to China’s basic economic indicators, industries, population, geography, government structures.

2. Meeting and Greeting People on Business Occasions

3. Business Meeting

4. Drinking Cultures

5. Chinese Banquet

6. Giving Gift Etiquette

7. Business Negotiation 

8. The Preservation of Face/Reputation when Doing Business in China 

Mode of teaching

Online teaching via zoom. Once you have signed up, we will be in touch to let you know all the details.

Timetable (UK time)

Workshop Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Business Culture 13.00-13.25 13.00-13.25 13.00-13.25 13.00-13.25
Chinese language 19.00 – 19.25 19.00 – 19.25 19.00 – 19.25 19.00 – 19.25

Tuition Fee: £10 per session if you book 4 sessions you will receive the 5th one free

Booking link: Chinese Business Workshop

Heriot Watt Scottish Confucius Institute