Taichi Classes in Baduanjin Qigong from Heriot Watt University

09 March 2021

Heriot Watt University is offering Taichi classes in Baduanjin Qigong, which is one of the most common types of qigong that is used for exercise. The translation is that the exercises are eight pieces of brocade, eight-sections of brocade, eight silken movements. The name refers to how the eight movements in the session intertwine and have a ‘silken quality’. This lovely relaxing class being held online by Heriot Watt is open to all.

They are offering a free Taster session on Thursday 25th March, to sign up to this please visit their Eventbrite page by clicking on the following link:

Baduanjin Taster Session

They will also be offering another 4 classes at a cost of £5 for all the session.

They advise that you attend all 4 sessions as you will build on your skills during the course and all the movements in each session are linked. If you would like to sign up for all 4 sessions please follow this link:

Baduanjin 4 Sessions for £5

All the classes will be hosted on Zoom, and a link will be sent out to all those who have signed up on Eventbrite.

Heriot Watt Scottish Confucius Institute