Citizens of Nowhere?

02 August 2019

Immersive live audio drama with food and family feuds

Presented by Chinese Arts Now and Performance Infinity. Part of FeastFest.
Venue 188 Sweet Novotel - 16 – 18, 20 – 25 August - 2 PM / 4 PM

Equipped with headphones, audiences will eavesdrop on a family conversation between mother Linda Lo (Pik-Sen Lim), her son, Jun Chi (Siu Hun Li) and daughter Jane (Jennifer Lim) seated at a nearby table. Written by award winning writer, Ming Ho, the play offers an intimate glimpse of the inner lives and experiences of a contemporary British Chinese family.

It’s a time of great change for the family as they reunite in a drama that veers from fractious to heartfelt to funny, as each member of the family reveals big news. Matriarch Linda Lo has come to Edinburgh to announce a decision to her son, Jun Chi and daughter, Jane; but ambitious Jane has a bombshell of her own, while Jun Chi is mystified by his mother’s refusal to engage with plans for his upcoming wedding. With Brexit on the horizon, it’s a crossroads for all three…

“Inspired by my own mixed race heritage and interviews with other British Chinese people (including Edinburgh-born actor Siu Hun Li), CITIZENS explores questions of roots, identity, and belonging in Brexit Britain, through our story of the Scots Chinese Lo family.”
Ming Ho, Writer, ‘Citizens of Nowhere?’

This intimate performance by actors seated among the audience includes light refreshments. Tickets available to book here.

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