Business Lecture Series – Belt & Road Initiative on Thursday 14 March 2019

01 March 2019

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It is our great pleasure to invite you to our first lecture in this year's Business Lecture Series – Belt & Road Initiative on Thursday 14 March 2019. We are honoured to have Chen Liming, Chair of IBM Greater China and Honorary Professor of the University of Edinburgh to open this year's series.

As developing countries industrialize, they can learn from the experience of other countries and implement high-tech solutions to ensure a more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly pathway to improve people’s life and prosperity. Good governance during development therefore not only covers economic and social governance, but also good governance of high-tech, and above all, good governance of data. In a data driven world, data becomes the most valuable asset, but at times also the most vulnerable. Current dependence on data in advanced economies raises the stakes when cybercrime hits, and cyberattacks can spread across geographic borders to impact any country. As developing countries begin to accumulate more data and maximize value from this precious resource, they must be mindful of good governance of their data to protect infrastructure, financial systems, and the digital lives of their citizens.

Chen Liming is a transformational and transboundary business leader with a track record of 30+ years with MNCs across a range of industries and diversified cultures. He has led corporate transformation, business turnaround, performance improvement, and governance enhancement. Mr. Chen is accountable for the overall performance of IBM Greater China Group across multiple business units. Since joining IBM in 2015, he has designed and implemented the ‘IBM Greater China Group Strategy’ and ‘Made with China’ initiatives adapted to the new business era.

The lecture will take place in Main Auditorium, University of Edinburgh Business School, on Thursday 14 March at 6pm. A networking drinks reception will follow the lecture and Q&A. For detailed information about this talk please see the flyer.

The event is free but registration is required. To secure your place, please visit our website here:

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