2019 Edinburgh Official Chinese New Year Concert

23 November 2018

2019 Edinburgh Official Chinese New Year ConcertThe Asian Association of Commerce, Culture and Education in Europe (AACCEE) is delighted again to present the 2019 Chinese New Year Concert in the Usher Hall on the 9th of February. The Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival in China, will be celebrated on stage by the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra and some outstanding artists from China.

The concert involves orchestra, singing and dancing from both cultures. The music from the Orient is chosen from well-known and traditional tunes, combined with western classical music, ending with Scotland's historical and popular melody 'Auld Lang Syne'. The highlight of the musical performance will be undertaken by performers from both countries, with newly revamped scores and talented artisans.

Also on stage will be a kaleidoscopic splash of color presented by Chinese and Scottish dancers. The cooperation will also involve special choreographed scores played by the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra and performed by Chinese dancers. The Scottish dancers will do a variety of reels. The whole show will bring audiences a delightful feast of culture in sound and vision.

These are but some of the performances, so sit back and enjoy the concert, witnessing an end to the year of the Dog. Ring out loyalty and honesty, bring in happiness and gentleness from the year of the Pig. Hope we can spread the atmosphere and pleasure of the Chinese New Year Festival throughout the capital city of Scotland, sharing the joy and warmth of the occasion to you all!

Purchase your ticket at the Usher Hall website from the 1 December HERE.