Neurolanguage Coaching Conference

23 April 2018

Rachel Paling writes that she is excited to invite SCEN members 15% discount to one of the most important and life-changing conferences about learning development and communication of the year!  This important knowledge and vital understanding will change the way we teach in our classrooms in the future.

This year we have decided to fly in our inspiring and highly regarded speakers from all over the world to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where the Conference takes place at the Dynamic Earth the 3rd and 4th of May.

The entire conference is dedicated to this statement: "How we enhance the learning process and make it more effective, faster and adapted to the 21st century!"

The speakers will talk about their research, knowledge and experience in areas like neuroscience of learning, coaching, emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence, practical intelligence, heart science, polyglotism and neurofeedback.

Full program and registrations at

There is a 15% discount using promo code "NEURO".

You can also choose to attend only for ONE DAY or for a HALF DAY.