Sounds of the Silk Road Concert

13 January 2018

Now after the western world has celebrated their new year, over a billion Chinese people are preparing for their own new year celebrations on 16th February 2018. China's Sounds of the Silk Road Concert will take place in the Usher Hall on 20th February 2018, in Edinburgh to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Tickets available from Usher Hall, but we do offer group tickets over 8 seats for organizations please contact us for detail.

Event Name: Chinese New Year Spectacular - China's Sounds of the Silk Road concert
Time: 7:30pm, 20th February 2018, Usher Hall, Edinburgh

Short Description:
"China's Sounds of the Silk Road" comprise 20 international performers who have toured worldwide. The group includes a national chamber orchestra and group of musicians who have won awards at both national and international levels. China's Sounds of the Silk Road toured Europe last year performing at Tours and Paris in France as well as Verona and Mantua in Italy. The performers have received the Honour of the Silk Road Cultural Ambassador. They also been invited to perform for Mulan Festival later in 2018.

The concert features traditional Chinese instruments playing both Chinese and western famous musical pieces with several Chinese adaptations including Les Miserables, The Phantom Of The Opera, and My Fair Lady, as well as Chinese early poetry songs such as Guanju, Yangguan Sandie and modern Swan Goose with Mongolian folk music.

"China's Sounds of the Silk Road" wish to celebrate Chinese New Year with you and to enjoy the festive atmosphere together with you.

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