Edinburgh Chinese Education Centre (ECEC)

07 December 2017

Weiping Wang is the Head Teacher of the Edinburgh Chinese Education Centre (ECEC), based at Leith Academy.

Weiping writes that the Centre was opened in June 2017, and provides Chinese Mandarin courses for school- aged children from all backgrounds. All our teachers have rich experience in teaching Chinese overseas for long time, either in the Chinese schools or the local public or private schools. Four of them have been awarded the UK outstanding Chinese language teachers, and two of them with Scottish teacher credentials, three teachers are currently working in the local mainstream schools, which is unique in all Chinese schools throughout Scotland.

Since the term started on 2nd September 2017, ECEC have had more than 90 matriculated students with seven different levels of classes including an SQA class. The centre also provides the Happy Chinese Class for non-native Mandarin speakers (5 year old +). The aim of the class is to create fun and engaging learning environment and enable children to have preliminary skills to recognize, read and communicate in Chinese, to cultivate children's interest in Chinese and Chinese culture, and to lay a good foundation for their further learning.

Edinburgh Chinese Education Centre