Crystal Pan Balish tells us about Scottish Opera’s production of Warriors!

05 December 2017

The Emperor's Incredible Army was successfully performed in Beijing by three artists of Scottish Opera and 890 Primary 5 (12 years old) pupils from Fangcaodi International School on Friday 3rd November.

This project is unique in China - in that no other school has so far performed a work commissioned by a UK Opera house featuring such an iconic period in Chinese history. Furthermore, Fangcaodi is the first and only school in China to undertake a version of the cross curricular teaching pedagogy that harnesses the expressive arts subjects of music, drama and visual arts (in the form of our opera) as vehicle to help support the integration of learning and teaching within the Chinese curriculum. This approach is one which Scottish Opera's education programme has been successfully delivering since the early 1990s and we are delighted to partner with Fangcaodi in this pioneering collaboration for China.

We were delighted to welcome the following distinguished guests:
- Mr. Zhu Ercheng, vice president of Beijing Charity Association
- Mrs. Liu Bingxin, professor of Beijing Institute of Education
- Mr. Zhao Teng, member of UNESCO Association of Beijing
- Mrs. Su Zhaohui, teaching and research fellow of Chaoyang Education Research Center
- Mr. Tony Burton, Board Member of Scottish Opera
- Mr. Li Qisheng, Secretary General of Beijing Science Education Development Foundation
- Mr. Huang Jianchun, President of Beier Training School in Dongcheng District, Beijing
- Mrs. Zhao Li, Senior Trade and Investment Manager Scottish International Development Beijing
- Mrs. Mu Ying, Party Secretary of Fangcaodi International School

Furthermore, Ms Anjing Wang, Deputy Head of Scottish Affairs Office at the British Embassy and her colleagues were able to promote the project on their website - please see the link - plus other related social media platforms.

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