Chinese Opera Educational Events in August

10 August 2017

*Firstly Seto Yok, the great Chinese Opera Singer from Hong Kong, will be giving a short and inspiring educational performance:
Tuesday 22 August 2017 - 2.00 pm (ends 3.00 pm)
James Gillespie's High School
57 Lauderdale Street,
Edinburgh, EH9 1DD

I am delighted to say that the Cantonese Opera Association of Scotland will give a short performance too. Many members of our Chinese Community have seen Seto Yok on the telly! Please email me to book places for yourself and, I hope, for groups:

*Secondly a Chinese Kunqu Opera Lecture/Demonstration/Workshop
Friday August 18th 2017 3-5pm
1.19 Peterson's Land, The University of Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ
Organiser: Chinese Opera Association, Scotland
Workshop Leader: Dr Chou Hsiang Keng

Dr Chou Hsiang-gung, a well-known Chinese opera female impersonator from Taiwan. Currently a visiting scholar as well as a performance tutor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Chou has studied music, Chinese opera/theatre, dance and folk storytelling since a young age. Before gaining his PhD focusing on Chinese kunqu opera and classical theatre from Soochow University, Chou studied at National Taiwan University of Arts as well as Chinese Culture University, Taiwan.

Admission: Free to all but please reserve your place using this eventbrite link: