The Story of China - Fringe Festival

17 July 2017

A student troupe from top Beijing Schools will be performing at the Fringe in The Story of China:
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, 150 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EE
Wednesday 9 August, 3.00 pm
Thursday 10 August, 10.00 am
FRINGE BOX OFFICE: 0131 226 0002


Research on the Experience of Chinese Students Abroad
I am doing a survey research (part of my post-doctoral project 'Authoritarianism in a Global Age', University of Amsterdam) on Chinese students' overseas experience and their political values (中国留学生经历和三观). We are looking for people satisfying the following criteria to take the survey: Chinese OR who was Chinese before studying overseas (From mainland China) With studying experience outside of China, regardless of the length of the study, regardless of whether it is a short-term visiting experience or a short-term/long-term study for a degree, regardless of whether they are now residing in China or not, regardless of whether they have completed the overseas study or not. At the end of the survey, participants have a chance to enter a lottery and win an Amazon voucher.
The survey will be open till July 31.

Here is the link for the survey with the first page a detailed explanation of the research project and participants' rights:

Dr. Aofei LV
Post-doctoral Fellowship
Department of Political Sciences
University of Amsterdam
PO.Box 15578, 1001 NB Amsterdam - The Netherlands
Phone: +31 655486344