A Great Year for Beyond the Panda

29 June 2017

Beyond The PandaCongratulations to Sandie Robb, Senior Education Officer at the Royal Zoological Society for Scotland, on a hugely successful year for Beyond the Panda. It is a superb resource!

Beyond the Panda was created in 2013 and is continuing to evolve each year to fulfil our RZSS UK/China Giant Panda Education Programme. "The key objectives are to promote the knowledge and awareness of giant pandas, their biology, habitat and conservation; biodiversity in China and the importance of China in ecological and conservation terms; the culture, language and people of China." "The UK/China Giant Panda agreement is for a period ten years [2011-2021] and the education programme and activities will be developed, enacted, delivered, evaluated and further developed throughout this whole period." (Giant Panda Project Strategy & Plan for Educational Development and Activity, May 2012). Beyond the Panda is an education programme designed to widen access and participation.

Their 2016-2017 report can be found here.