UK Mandarin Speaking Competition at Lasswade HS

01 May 2017

In order to encourage more people to learn and use Mandarin Chinese and provide an opportunity for students and teachers of Chinese to learn from each other and exchange ideas, the UKAPCE is organising the annual Fourteenth UK Mandarin Reading Competition in Scotland (one of the theatres of competition). Students of Chinese at and over the age of five from any walks of life and institute of learning are eligible to participate.

Competition Date: 12:30 - 15:30 Saturday 10th June 2017
Entry Period: 22th April - 21st May
Competition Venue: Lasswade High School Centre,
44 Eskdale Dr Bonnyrig,
Edinburgh, EH19 2LA
Mailing Address:
Contact Number: Jessica Guo: 07717367889,
Qu Jia: 07584305155

Rules of Competition
1. Make your recitation text as a PowerPoint file and email it to the address above.
2. Age requirement: five years of age and over.
3. One recitation only for an individual competitor or a group of competitors.
4. Competitors are divided into four groups: B: non-Chinese; C: Chinese who speak non-Mandarin dialects; M: one parent of the competitor is not a native Chinese; P: Chinese Mandarin speakers.
5. Each participating school is limited to enter no more than two individual competitors or two teams of competitors in each of the four categories above. (A team consists of two or more competitors doing the same recitation piece.) if a school has less than 120 students, is limited to entre one individual or one team competition in each of the four categories.
6. The content, length and complexity of the chosen recitation text should correctly reflect the age and learning ability of the competitor or competitors.
7. Individual competitor should limit their recitation to no more than two minutes; group competitors should limit their recitation to no more than four minutes.

Content: 5 marks.
Pronunciation: 20 marks.
Tones: 10 marks.
Expression: 5 marks.

1. All competitors will receive a certificate and souvenir.
2. Competitors and participating schools will receive a certificate of excellence based on their competitors' performance.

UKAPCE, April 2017