Mapping Chinese Survey

07 March 2017


At the meeting of Confucius Institute Directors last year, we all decided that it would be a great help if we shared information about the teaching and learning of Mandarin at all levels in Scotland.  Professor Natascha Gentz, Assistant Principal (China) and Director of the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh is leading this project and I am sending the letters with Frances Christensen's amazing team. Together we are working to gather data on our primary and secondary schools, state and independent, and our Chinese community schools.

We want to map all the opportunities to learn Chinese accurately, and to share it with everyone to help with productive links between schools, colleges, universities and businesses. The Confucius Institute for Scotland's Schools is sharing all its data on its extensive Hub network and is also working closely with us.


If you are a primary or secondary school headteacher, you or one of your colleagues can complete the relevant survey (or surveys) online: The primary school survey can be found here while the secondary school survey can be found at

I also attach to this page printed versions should your prefer this. If you could complete the survey by 31 March 2017, I shall be eternally grateful,

Huge thanks for your help in our shared important work for all our young people.