The Red Rooster's Toast

28 January 2017

SQ-10-YearsFrom Jean Jijun Ye

To SCEN - who has just turned ten

B-lissfully a generation has grown
I-mpressive Sino-Scotland learners
G-lobal Citizenship so broadened

T-hanks to Judith and her big visions
E-mpowering non-stop Alba land's talents
N-o excuses now to be bystanders

S-erving our two nations and others
C-hanging and shaping beyond times
E-nriching heritage and humanity
300-2017N-o one but SCEN tops the rank

And SCEN's Chinese pal in 2017, The Rooster:

R-eady as ever to instil and inspire
O-h, auld lang syne and newcomers
O-ver here with Judith and the rest of her clan
S-terling worth, have more to build up
T-aking us further to next China world
E-ast will host more of our bonnie lasses and laddies
R-united we are, anytime with amazing grace

Great thanks, Red Rooster and Jean!

Your toast inspires SCEN to be committed and determined throughout the Year of the Rooster.