Megan's First Week in Beijing

12 September 2016

Megan-300wI am on my year abroad in Beijing, and let me tell you, it's quite nuts. I'm attending Beijing Language and Culture University, which to be fair has a really cool campus, and has lots to do in the surrounding area. However, all the stuff you have to do to register and actually be able to attend the uni is stressful to say the least. 

Fees and Payments

There is so much to pay for for a start. There's extra health insurance which is compulsory for students attending the Uni (800 yuan for the year), on top of the travel insurance I've already paid for, then the compulsory health check (which includes blood tests, which has left me with a big bruise, and an x-ray) which can only be to make sure we aren't carrying any contagious diseases I assume (400 yuan), then accommodation which is a shared room with bathroom, but sadly the TV and fridge currently don't work (600 yuan deposit and 10,640 yuan per semester), then wi-fi (120 yuan per month), and that's not including the money to get stuff for your room to make it more comfortable, and to put credit on your campus card for food and such. That's about £1,600 I've spent in total since I got here, not including flights and anything bought at airports. So my advice is be prepared to pay for everything if you go on a year abroad studying in China, it's a necessary evil for the adventure of a lifetime ... ...

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