Bring Chinese language and culture alive in the classroom

02 May 2016

Chinese-Assistant-300wBring Chinese language and culture alive in the classroom with a Modern Language Assistant.

Give your students an opportunity to practice, improve and enrich their language skills with a native speaker. There is nothing as satisfying or rewarding as communicating in Mandarin and being understood by someone who speaks the language.

Support your students in becoming effective communicators and prepare them to be global citizens.

How can they help?

Give your students a fascinating and up-to-date perspective on life in China with a native speaker and extra support with their speaking skills.

Assistants bring energy, excitement and a fresh approach to teaching. They can also provide invaluable support to teachers, helping to boost their confidence in delivering language lessons.

Who are they?

They are all qualified teachers, or graduates with at least one year's experience teaching overseas.

They work between 12 to 18 hours per week and can be shared between schools. Partial funding is also available.

Apply now

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Give your students a chance to have fun and experiment with their language skills in the classroom. Apply by 31 May 2016 to guarantee a language assistant at your school.