BBC Generation 16

01 May 2016

Stuart-300wFifty young people have been selected to take part the BBC Generation 2016 project ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections on 5 May.

They represent a cross-section of 16 to 25-year-olds in Scotland, and will be involved in debates and discussions in BBC coverage of the election.

One of them is Stuart Main, Convener of the SCEN Youth Committee!

Congratulations, Stuart. 

Stuart Main, 19, Perth

I'm a 19-year-old bi guy, who lives in Perth, is from Dunfermline but was born in England. I'd like to say I was apolitical, but I have voted a similar way in the elections I've voted in. My views have been influenced a lot by my parents, my Green-supporting mother and socialist father, but I wouldn't say I agree necessarily with either. I'm also interested in our political relations with China, down to my involvement with SCEN, an organisation which promotes learning about China in schools.