• When the Dragon Ships Came

    19 March, 2016

    You may have heard from Frances Christensen about this opportunity to send a group of P6, P7, S1 or S2 students (and staff) to an award-winning theatrical production of Zheng He ...

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  • SCEN Ambassadors, led by Rosemary Mitchell

    11 March, 2016

    SCEN Ambassadors, with Bella Hou, led by Rosemary Mitchell, Convener of SCEN Ambassadors, are having a busy time at the Language Show Live at SECC Glasgow!

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  • From Monarchy to Republic

    5 March, 2016

    Professor Yuri Pines from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will address short - and long-term repercussions of China's transformation from a monarchy into a republic ...

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