Enter the HSBC/British Council 2015/16 Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition

05 September 2015

BeijingThe competition is a great, fun opportunity for students to practise and improve their Mandarin Chinese language skills. Find out more and apply by 9 October and your students could win a trip to Beijing.

Taking part in the competition:

  • increases students' motivation for learning the language
  • develops vocabulary and improves pronunciation
  • raises confidence for oral examinations
  • encourages students to interact with their classmates
  • inspires students to discover more about Chinese culture.

What is the prize?

A week in Beijing. Students will visit historical sites, interact with Chinese students and experience Chinese culture with the British Council, who have over twenty years' experience in running cultural exchanges with China.

British-CouncilImportant dates

Application deadline - Friday 9 October 2015. 

Regional Heat - Newcastle University, Newcastle, 30 November 2015.

Regional Heat - London, 4 December 2015 (venue to be confirmed.) 

Competition Final - London, The British Museum, 9 February 2016.