Triumph for EUSA's Mandarin Volunteers

06 June 2015

The-University-of-EdinburghMeyer Kalenderian from EUSA tells us of The University of Edinburgh's Impact Awards 2015, which recognised student achievements across three EUSA projects: Volunteering, Peer Support and EUSA Global.  

It was organised to recognise and thank a wide range of student groups and individuals for their work both supporting and developing students, and contributing to the wider community. The Mandarin Language Project won 'Best Volunteering Project' at the Impact Awards held on 13th March this year in Teviot Row House.  Yuening Zhao, a volunteer, Jiaqi Chen, Treasurer and Annika Chen, Group Leader, were presented with a certificate and Quaich. Annika was also shortlisted for 'Volunteering Group Office Bearer of the Year'. 

Congratulations to you all! Richly deserved.