New Resource for Teachers of Chinese

22 February 2015

China-SideBilly Prior, Teacher of Chinese at Dollar Academy, writes:

Dear Colleagues,

I know that with few teaching resources and no detailed syllabus, many Mandarin teachers spend long hours deciding what to teach before then creating the teaching resources with which to teach it.  I have often thought that a volume of core, relevant vocabulary would be invaluable for me and for my learners.  With that in mind, I have brought together a teaching and study resource that can:

  •    take secondary school learners from beginner to intermediate level
  •    define the important and relevant words for learners in this context
  •    make the task of deciding what to teach and what to learn concrete and manageable

The book is designed to fit the needs of teachers and learners: characters are presented in a font large enough to be useful to beginner/intermediate learners; there are fewer than 15 vocab items per page, providing for ease of setting work - half a page or a full page could be set as required weekly or fortnightly learning, for example.  Words are organised by topic, and reflect the language commonly expected of secondary school pupils at different levels.  The book may be useful to learners preparing for exams.  But, it is not a comprehensive list - it does not claim to predict or cover what could be examined.  It is my opinion and is not endorsed by any exam board or other body.

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