Beyond The Panda

09 January 2015

Beyond-the-Panda-1-300w.jpgThe devoted and energising Sandie Robb tells us that the original Beyond the Panda programme was launched last year,but this brand new version introduces some new areas and most of all has exciting new games and models unique to RZSS.

The outreach involves numerous skills where the pupils investigate, discover, extract information and provide solutions.

  • A workshop for P5-7 where the pupils learn about China and the giant panda while playing educational games:for example, jigsaws comparing habitat and political maps; a giant panda timeline game; a closer look at bamboo and now a section on Chinese characters and simple Mandarin.  See the pictures below!    Sessions are 1.5 hours and maximum number of pupils 36.
  • £150 per session, however discounts available if booking more than one. Schools in same area/county can arrange bookings to take advantage of discounts. Please contact Sandie Robb, Senior Education Officer, RZSS to discuss various options:   
  • Website link -
  • Supported by SCEN and SCILT/CISS