SCEN Music Update

18 February 2014

Louise-Rossiter-2-300wHere is the latest update on the SCEN music project. The De Montfort University Confucius Insititute installation will open on 17 February, and Louise Rossiter (SCEN Composer and Music Ambassador), Andrew Connor and John Young are doing an introductory presentation in Leicester. The installation is running for the whole week as part of Cultural Exchanges festival.

Louise has also completed the second electroacoustic work in her series. Its called Sacred voices, and the link is below. Its created almost entirely out of the Giant Pandas Louise "had the honour of visiting" in Chengdu.

The title Sacred Voices, was suggested by the use of and manipulation of sound materials which are considered to symbolise religion, culture, or species. The piece was composed mainly from material that had been recorded during a research trip to China in May, 2013. Much of the material was derived from a rare opportunity to record Giant Pandas in their enclosures at the Dujangyan Panda Reintroduction Centre, alongside a recording made in Xi'an of monks singing in a Buddhist Temple and carts being driven up hutongs in Beijing. These sounds (voices) are explored in a manner straddling on the very edge of real and unreal sound worlds and act as expressions or traces of places or moments in time ... 

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