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19 January 2014

Yanmei Wu: I currently teach at  Manchester Metropolitan University. I have been teaching Chinese here for two years. But I really want to move back to Edinburgh where most of my old and good friends are based. I am originally from Jiangsu, China. I went through five years of full time training in a prestigious teacher training academy there and have been involved in language teaching ever since. I was also trained in music and dance from an early age. I have lived and worked in Britain (Scotland + England) for over 11 years, as a dancer, musician and most of all, as a Mandarin teacher.

I have a strong background in cultural studies and I specialise in teaching Mandarin tones / pronunciation. And as a teacher trainer, I have been contributing to MacMillan Education's Chinese teacher training programme for about a year now, providing workshops on 1) teaching tones; 2) integrate pronunciation reminders into oral activities;  3) cultural differences in class; and 4) explaining (the old and new) China.Education wise, I gained my Master in Music Performance from SOAS; MA in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths; and MA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Sheffield. I am starting a part time practice-led PHD in Chinese Kunqu Opera and how women are represented in it. Contact Mei at:

Global School of English-Edinburgh and Glasgow School of English

Calling all indigenous English speaking Graduates!

Are you interested in : Teaching Overseas/Teaching in China?

We are offering old and new Graduates, a guaranteed teaching job offer, to teach English in Chinese High Schools.  Contracts are available for 3 months up to one year.

No teaching experience is required as both schools of English will provide an introductory teacher development course for Graduates with little or no experience of English language teaching.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity and want to find out more contact A.Lennox, President of the schools and send, by email scan, your CV. Contact Andrew Lennox at: