Views of the Second SCEN China Youth Summit

05 December 2013

DSC_3159.jpgI was at the back of the room, but I could see the smiles of inspiration on the faces of the younger pupils, as they listened to and watched their seniors who were speaking in Mandarin.

Jeremy Chittleburgh, Chiene + Tait CA, SCEN Treasurer

I really enjoyed the day: the fact that it was at Gleneagles was fabulous. What an eclectic and enjoyable mix there was! It made me realise how much interesting work is going on up and down the country beyond the Hubs and at a lot of different levels, not just in schools. The broad mix was for me the unique feature of the day.

Liz Gray, QIO Literacy and Languages, City of Edinburgh

I picked up positive vibes from everyone I spoke to and discovered a great deal of initiative and planning go on, all linking well with the national 1+2 Conference.

Jim Scott, PhD researcher and SCEN Executive Committee

The event was clearly a success. Of note are the increase in the numbers of young people speaking Chinese as part of their presentations, and the increase in the number of non-Hub schools now teaching Chinese. All encouraging - but still a long way to go.

Simon Macaulay, University of Aberdeen and SCEN Executive Committee.

DSC_3167.jpgWhat about businesses who are active in China offering internships to young people: half a day studying Chinese, half a day on business? That is how I learned as a civil servant in Malaya, 1949-1957.

Brian Stewart CMG

This year there was an even greater breadth of student experiences on show and, despite the challenges of pushing the Mandarin language agenda forward, there is certainly a lot of evidence that cultural exchanges are alive and kicking.

Patrick O'Kane, Morrison's Academy, Co-Director of HKSEC

The increasing range and diversity of what schools are doing in the realms of Chinese were impressive to say the least, and I think our pupils were inspired by a lot of it. It has also given my colleagues and me some food for thought for future developments here.

Jack Simpson, Headteacher, Leith Academy; Confucius Hub for the City of Edinburgh.

It was wonderful to meet so many motivated and inspiring young people.

Heloise Allan, Education Development Officer, Project Trust.

It was a fantastic day: such inspiring presentations and a lovely opportunity to network in such beautiful surroundings.

Pam Semple, Educational Analytical Services, Scottish Government.

A wonderfully uplifting experience at Gleneagles! I almost started bawling when the Preston Lodge Pipe Band marched in: they weren't just enthusiastic, they were GOOD! It gave me a renewed sense of why we are doing this.

Professor Barbara Fennell, Director, Confucius Institute for the University of Aberdeen.

I felt there was a marked step-change in the level of Chinese language performance and the ambition of the groups involved from last year. The food was also befitting of the venue: first class!

James Brodie, Manager and China Business Adviser, CBBC Scotland.

DSC_3196.jpgIt really was a great opportunity for our students and a brilliant day all round!

Judith McKerrecher, Curriculum Leader for Languages, Craigmount High School, City of Edinburgh.

A great day and a wonderful showcase.

Jim Sweeney, Chief Executive, Youthlink Scotland.

A fantastic event - inspiring as ever!

Louise Rossiter, De Montfort University: SCEN Music Ambassador

It was a great event and I know that the four pupils we brought down from Aberdeen left feeling inspired, as did the teachers.

Lynnette Marten, Teacher of Chinese, Hazlehead Academy, Aberdeen.

It was uplifting to hear from so many young people. SCEN is going from strength to strength!

Fiona Pate, HM Inspector, Education Scotland

The music composed was so inspirational, I was taken into the heart of a nation I have yet to visit. Please never remove that element from the Summits!  

Kristina Macaulay, Kristina Fine Artworks; Global Identity

I felt very privileged to have been invited, and was greatly impressed by the range of initiatives that SCEN is supporting.  It was, as they say, a real 'eye opener' but also so touching to see the genuine warmth and passion for intercultural understanding and sharing coming through and expressed by such young people.  The world needs more of that!

Professor John Young, De Montfort University.

It really was a special day and inspired our young people to get fundraising and learn Mandarin.

Chris Martin, Manager, Callander Youth Project Trust

The 2nd China Youth Summit was AMAZING and a huge success! I don't think that my Headteacher and colleagues knew what to expect before the event, because Mandarin is a brand new subject to Bannerman High School this year. By the end of the day, my Headteacher, Jackie Purdie, was so motivated by these wonderful presentations and talks. Finding a twinning Chinese school, organising trips to China, expanding Mandarin to more year groups have all been officially scheduled after the Summit. 

Jenny Robertson, Bannerman High School