Vibrant Meeting of SCEN Ambassadors

18 March 2013

IMG_2403.jpgWe had a vibrant meeting of SCEN Ambassadors at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 25 February. Heartfelt thanks to our President, Lord Wilson, who spoke so eloquently and presented certificates to new Ambassadors, to our excellent presenters, chairs and rapporteurs, and to the generous Royal Society of Edinburgh and its excellent staff, led by William Hardie, who afforded us such elegant surroundings. We were inspired!

There was much debate about action and following up the G50 Declarations which were the result of the SCEN China Youth Summit at Gleneagles. You will be hearing more soon, and so will the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning!

New SCEN Ambassadors: do be in touch with any thoughts or details of your activities. The next round of Certificate presentations will take place at the SCEN event on 14 June 2013.