Unforgettable SCEN Ambassadors’ Meeting

02 March 2013

IMG_2411.jpgThe event was held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and nearly 80 people participated in the meeting, including some very senior people like Lord Wilson (Former Governor of Hong Kong) and also students from different schools. It was a great idea that young people were involved. The event provided young people with a stage to contribute and receive meaningful experience.

Inspirational speeches were given at the beginning by different people, and valuable questions were discussed afterwards. The discussions were mainly about raising the awareness of the importance of China, how ambassadors can help to make a difference to government policies and what other SCEN events Ambassadors would like.

People at the event came up with loads of great ideas such as starting to learn Chinese at the early stage of one's life, not just learning the language but also about the culture and so on. Lord Wilson gave a brief summary and raised some suggestions. Lord Wilson also presented certificates to the new ambassadors.

The event itself was as successful as the China Youth Summit at Gleneagles which we attended last term, and people are looking forward to the next major SCEN event on 14th June.

Bella, St George's L6