Scotland Working Together With China

25 March 2013

Scot-China-Mixed-Flag-1I am delighted to attach the keynote speech by the inspiring Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, prepared in partnership with his Deputy, Keith Bennett. Heartfelt thanks to them for making the journey from London and for giving us a true Icebreakers' perspective on the context we need for taking forward Scotland's working together with China. It is 60 years since the foundation of the 48 Group Club, and its principles of understanding and collaboration remain as significant as ever.

The second attachment is Stephen's piece as Chairman of the 48 Group Club on the new leadership in China.

It was splendid to have such an interesting presentation from Li Ruiyou, Consul General for the PR of China, on the Chinese Dream. I am circulating Mr Li's speaking notes. Many thanks to him for his participation in the discussion. It made for a marvellous model of collaboration.

Great thanks to Professor Steve Chapman, Principal and Vice Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University, for his spirited leadership of the event (though whether I forgive him for his jokes about me is another matter!), and to Alick Kitchin, Joint Head of Edinburgh Business School and his superb colleagues, for partnering with SCEN in organising the occasion and providing the excellent South Pod of Edinburgh Business School for our meeting. I think we ought to take it on permanently!

Dr Judith McClure CBE
Convener of the Scotland China Education Network (SCEN)