Thank You News

05 February 2013

Thank-You-300wRed-Snake-100wToday we are celebrating the Year of the Snake! With a list of Chinese events happening across Scotland long like a water snake, we are continued to be inspired by how vibrant and multiculturally rich Scotland is.  Whether you are the dedicated organisers, delightful participants or the very heartfelt supporters behind the scenes, thank you for creating such a wonderful environment that we treasure living in.

China Daily
Thanks to the members who have contributed to the research by Tiffany of China Daily, for her latest story 'I Love You, really'. You can view the story here:

Classical Chinese Medical Society
Thanks to the members who have got in touch with the Society for potential work opportunities!

Yu-han Trophy
YearofTheSnake2013-Edit-250wThanks also to the teachers who registered with us for the Yu-han Trophy competition. We very much look forward to your students' great work! There is still a chance to get involved, please just email us!

Last but not least, thanks to every organisers for all the enjoyable festive events, we wish you every success!