Chinese Language Testing - HSK Exams

14 February 2013

HSK-1We want to ensure you have up to date information on the HSK exam diet for 2013. This year HSK will offer three exam dates. The exam on 23 March 2013 will for the first time be fully online which should suit candidates who prefer to use a keyboard to input pinyin and select the appropriate character.

The deadline for the March exam is imminent. It is Thursday 28 February 2013.

We do not expect a large number of candidates for March but hope to have a reasonable cohort for this new online format.

Thereafter in 2013 we shall offer candidates a choice of online or offline exam format.

  • Saturday 11 May 2013 - registration deadline 11 April 2013
  • Saturday 30 November 2013 - registration deadline 31 October 2013

As you know HSK is the only official Chinese language certificate accepted in mainland China as an assessment of proficiency in Chinese language - the Chinese equivalent of TOEFT or IELTS. As such it is required by Chinese educational institutions and some employers. We are also aware that some scholarships require HSK certification.

Aimed at both Europeans and non-native Chinese learners, including overseas Chinese defined as 'not holding Chinese nationality, both parents, or one parent being Chinese' the HSK exam are offered from level 1 to level 6. Around 40 hours of study is sufficient to sit Level 1.

Online assessment which students can use to gauge their level can be found at