The G50 at Gleneagles

13 November 2012

Dear Delegates at the G50 at Gleneagles,

Heartfelt thanks for your splendid contributions to the SCEN China Youth Summit at Gleneagles! I am tackling the huge flood of emails from all of you who so appreciated the amazing hospitality of Gleneagles, its beauty, its food and its friendly staff. There is much praise for our young people, who made a marvellous impression on us all. Please will you give them immediate thanks, especially to those who gave such stunning presentations? We have much to think about.

We are also famous: Guo Chunju, of the Edinburgh Bureau of the Xinhua News Agency, was with us and she has already posted this:

I am sure we shall be in contact again soon!

Warmest good wishes,


Dr Judith McClure CBE

Convener of the Scotland China Education Network (SCEN)