Scotland in Conversation with China

27 October 2012

The Scotland in Conversation with China programme is the result of a partnership between Dr Vincent Oates of the University of Strathclyde and SCEN. It has been supported by a most generous donor, who wishes to remain anonymous. We owe this donor great thanks for what he has made possible: the visit of distinguished professors from China who will speak at the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, Aberdeen and the West of Scotland, in both Ayr and Dumfries.

The Professors will be helping us to understand Scotland, the UK and the EU from a Chinese perspective. There is to be a Reception at the Scottish Parliament on 30 October, and the University of Edinburgh is hosting a session on Chinese Studies for schools and a special dinner. This programme is a very important one: you will find out the details here (download the PDF from the right hand side of this page) and we shall keep you in touch with what happens next.