• Who may join SCEN?

    SCEN membership is open to everyone who is keen to promote learning Chinese and about China in Scottish Schools. Membership is free: simply contact our Online Communications and Administrative Officer, Megan Hammell, at admin@scen.info.


    Fill in this subscribers' form and send it to admin@scen.info if you want to recieive information about our events and news. As a result of the introduction of the General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR), we require your permission to send you our mailings.

  • Who may attend SCEN events?

    SCEN events are clearly described and are open to anyone who is interested, especially if they are ready to participate and support our young people.

  • Are SCEN events expensive?

    SCEN events are always free, because schools have the expense of travel and cover. SCEN relies on the support of generous private donors.

  • Is SCEN collaborative?

    Most certainly. SCEN wants to support all initiatives and organisations who are taking forward the China agenda in Scottish schools. We need to unlock the future of our young people.

  • How do I become a SCEN Ambassador?

    Get in touch with our Online Communications and Administrative Officer, Megan Hammell, and say why you would like to be involved. You can contact her at admin@scen.info.