About us

Judith-GIF-3-250wThe Scotland China Education Network, "SCEN", was founded in January 2006 to bring together individuals, national agencies and associations keen to promote teaching and learning Chinese language and culture in Scottish schools. In the same year its establishment was welcomed by the Scottish Government in Scotland's Strategy for Stronger Engagement with China, and its Convener was a member of the Scottish Government's China Forward Planning Group. SCEN supported all the national agencies in their plans to introduce Chinese into the curriculum, brought practitioners together to share expertise and good practice through network meetings, and gave a platform for pupils of primary and secondary schools to present their learning at SCEN Pupil Conferences. It continues this work as the foundations for the teaching of Chinese and China in the curriculum have been established.

The SCEN network has over 350 members, represents a wide range of individuals, groups and agencies, spread over Scotland, engaged in promoting links with China and keen to support the China initiative in Scottish schools.

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SCEN-Logo-BlockSCEN was established as a voluntary association with its own Governing Body and Governing Document in September 2007. Its Convener, Dr Judith McClure CBE, is a member of the Scottish Schools Advisory Group on China, established in September 2010, and has been appointed Ambassador for the Teaching of Chinese in Scottish Schools at the Confucius Institute for Scotland at the University of Edinburgh.

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